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Policy Factors X limited BDA Applications Survey

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This matrix reduces our full version of 30 features by 20 applications to 10 policy-relevant features by 4 applications. Cells represent our sense of notable points of interest — e.g., how might security be an issue for autonomous transportation (disruptive actions plausible)?

Application of interest Cloud Manufacturing Mining e-Medical Records Autonomous Transport Guiding Financial Markets
Description Digital information potentially from end to end (end-users); specifications are commonly available electronic records enable doctors & other health professionals to readily access test results, share observations, and diagnose Automotive transportation system with some vehicles controlled by computers rich transactions data enabling post trade analytics, nsights from market indicators, sentiment analysis for stocks and such; fraud detection, investigation and prevention.
Key Actors full supply chain, including consumers — changing demands doctors, medical associations, industry associations, patients, nurses, regulators OEM’s & state highway departments ; publics – drivers & others; Google; data providers Wall Street, government oversight agencies, stock brokers
Big Data Roles & Issues the “new oil” for mfg firms to understand & optimize all of their value chains; IP issues sharing of data, with higher level data compilation and analyses massive data of multiple forms (GIS, road location & conditions, vehicle location & motion) enabling interpretation for vehicle control pattern analyses to inform investment decisions real time; compilations to check for fraud
Benefits of the special app qualitative jump in productivity and product characteristics enhanced medical treatment effectiveness and evalution; identify drug side-effects reduced accidents, damages, fatalities; energy conservation; profits (for whom?), time-saving competitive advantages and reduced criminal financial behaviors.
Standards & Regulations standards critical for integration across the production chain to facilitate data compilation and sharing across organizations and professions standards critical; who to set them? Regulations set by whom? (jurisdiction) standards essential to manage data sharing
privacy YES – major concern for medical records one’s location tracked YES
security huge — competitive nations, competitive companies, terrorists YES – major concerns susceptible to disruption? To deliberate disruption? huge priority
External Forces of special note global conflicts, state of regional economies health cost pressures on governments (especially the US) national economic climate; political posturing international financial management requirements; political engagement
Impacts of Concern (e.g., equity; SME access) changing social norms & values & ethical issues (e.g., boosting employment) use to refuse medical insurance to individuals digital divide (equity in access); legal entanglements; potential for GMO-like negative play fostering an even playing field
Boosting Policies — “leverage points” to affect development acceleratating standardization; initiatives to support digitalization; engagement of broader societal & consumer interests; initiatives to convene all important players on the supply chain In US, Federal initiative powerful inducer of action incentives, funding, tax breaks; roll-out arranging; transitioning – integration with driver-guided vehicles Governmental requirements

  • Policy Factors Cloud Manufacturing Mining e-Medical Records Autonomous Transport Guiding Financial Markets  
    We welcome your suggestions on extra policy factors or particular BDA applications.

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