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Research Outcomes

Technology Delivery System(TDS)

Figure 1 represents what we call a “Technology Delivery System” (TDS) – the complex of organizations and influences involved in accomplishing innovation – i.e., taking new or changed products or processes to market.  In other words, who is engaged in effecting BDA applications?  This suggests that managing BDA will be inherently complex.

  Figure 1 Big data Technology Delivery System(US)

US overlay map of Big Data research

We present a meta-analysis of BigData research activity since 2009. Our purpose is to present “tech mining” (bibliometric and text analyses of research publication abstract record sets) to provide a research landscape of who is doing what, where, and when. Our larger purpose is to help Forecast Innovation Pathways for big data & analytics over the coming decade.

Figure2 show the US overlay map of Big Data indexed in WoS over roughly the past 10 years

WoS overlay map

Figure 2 US overlay map of big data

(Note: This map locates some 224 sub-fields (the background connected gray dots) – the Web of Science Categories – based on how frequently papers published in their journals cite papers in other sub-fields’ journals. We overlay (colored nodes, with larger ones representing more papers) BDA papers indexed in WoS over roughly the past 10 years. The great concentration (no surprise) is in computer science related sub-fields, but note the incredible breadth of engagement with BDA across most fields.)

For more details: Porter, A.L., Huang, Y., Schuehle, J., and Youtie, J. (2015), MetaData: BigData research evolving across disciplines, players, and topics, IEEE BigData Congress.

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